Noah Flett's Amazing Designer Profile

Hello my Name is Noah Flett and Welcome to my Extraordinary Designer Proflie,have a look around my website, and get a taste of what I have to offer and what I am capable of.

Lamp post

This photo above is placed in Queenstown, and I took it when I was on holiday once.Does this photo remind you of anything? To me it looks like the lampost from Narnia.

Who am I? Well i'm glad you asked...

My name is Noah Flett and I live with my family and our Dog, I was bornon the.....(No), and I am the first born child in my family. I live at.....(youdon't need to know that), and I have lived in 3 different houses throughout mylife. I go to Arise Church in Wellington with my family and I also go to our veryown Christian group where I attend school.

What sort of team player am I:

I am a sort of person that contributs to a group well, and I can lead them in times of need and craziness.I can build on the ideas other people provide and I can take instuctions from other people and build the best outcome I can.

Software and Design programs I have used:

There are many different software and design programs I have learnt over my years so far at collegeand back at my primary school. For instance I have learnt how to use Photoshop, Illustartor, Notepad++,Access, Word, Excel, Chrome, Google docs, PowerPoint, Scratch, Neocities, Codeavengers and InDesign.I have perfected my use of all these programs over the years and I can now use them efficiently and well.

photoshop notepad

Programming languages and Skills I have learnt:

I have learn't html, css, a bit of javascript, binary and a few other parts of programming languages.I am good at doing loops, if/else decisions, input/output, process, start/stop, and more.

I go to Tawa College and it's where I have built my website,you can contact me at This here is a photo by me, it was at a beach in Otaki and youcan see what we found...A rescue vehicle that got stuck, and needs rescuing (Pun intended). Me marlee Me